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GÖÇTÜRK Consultancy & Trade Limited Company, By approval of the ministry of trade, it offers consulting service to investors in all areas related to investment in Turkey.
In addition to transparent and strategic consultancy, properly execution of the processes like commercial investment (manufacturing, import, export), real estate investment (residential, hotel, commercial properties , etc.), trademark registration, company establishment, residence permit, work permit and citizenship, is the most important goal for GöçTürk.

Modern Office

Savaş Çekişcioğlu

Logistics company owner

Most of our colleagues are foreign ship captains and they don't have much time to research. I always confidently recommend GöçTürk to them. Because they offer the best option for investment as soon as possible and do everything themselves.

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Hanan Alhamadi

CEO of a food company

I loved that they were solution oriented. During the process we worked together, they kept us informed of every detail and we were moving forward with peace of mind. They came up with a new solution for every problem that came up, and they certainly did everything they said one by one.

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Mohsen Hossein Zade

Construction company owner

I had previously worked with another company on the European side and unfortunately I couldn't even sell that house for the purchase price. However, with the help of GöçTürk, in short time, I made pretty good profit over the new house I bought in İdealtepe. I will 100% make my next real estate purchases with GöçTürk.