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Factory Floor with Two Workers

Private Label in Turkey
Produce in Turkey
Sell to the world

Foreign Investors who prefer to invest in manufacturing sector, through GöçTürk's investment program called "Produce in Turkey, Sell to the world", are able to produce their products by contractual manufacturing (Private label) in Turkey without owning any company or factory by taking advantage of the potential of already active factories in Turkey. Moreover, with no need to deal with production details.
Also by support of GöçTürk, they are able to import their products to their country or directly export them from Turkey to any country around the world that their costumers live.

Advantages Of
Contractual Manufacturing

+ Save from your budget, time and energy compared to traditional production.

+ Since you don't need to establish a factory / production line, you don't have to deal with these problems:

- Buy/rent an office, factory and warehouse area, production line establishment and  preparing it, supply machines and equipment, water and power issues, workplace insurance

- Employment and insurance of employees such as workers, engineers, experts, supervisors, accountants

- Control and management of the production process

- Execution of  legal transactions, chamber of commerce registration, licenses, documents, ministry approval, tests, audits

- Raw material supply and storage, prevention against fire and deterioration

- Storage of the produced products, prevention of fire, robbery and spoilage risks


+ All the processes below are carried out without your physical presence during the production process:

+ R&D studies

+ Formulation and product analysis

+ Sample production and necessary tests

+ Obtaining the necessary documents and reporting to the affiliated ministry

+ Conducting additional tests and obtaining labels upon request

+ Packaging, box and logo design and supply of the product

+ Making it ready for production and delivery according to the ordered quantity 


+ In this way, you can spend your saved budget, time and energy for marketing and sales of the product.

Role Of GöçTürk in
Contractual Manufacturing

Thanks to the connections in production sector and knowledge of potential of the region, GöçTürk has succeeded in bringing together a circle of manufacturers, suppliers, customs consulters, import export and logistics experts. Since all activities that require the presence of an official company in Turkey during the production process (e.g. employing a RTE) are undertaken by GöçTürk, foreign investors are able  to produce the desired product at any time, in the desired amount, with much lower budget (compare to traditional production) without dealing with costs and difficulties of stablishing a company ın Turkey, also deliver products to his own country or any other country ın the world.


GöçTürk, after meeting and consulting with you, leaves the production task of the product you have planned, to the most suitable  factory that best fits the profile. Thus, it saves you from the trouble of finding a reliable and high quality manufacturer.

In addition, according to the product, contract and requested services, GöçTürk offers these services too:

+ Employing responsible technical staff 

+ Assigning barcode

+ Trademark registration

+ Export and whole related transactions

+ Delivery to your country

+ Or delivery to the country of your costumer directly from Turkey


Bonus: GöçTürk can undertake the presentation of your products in international fairs taking place in Turkey upon your request


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Businesswoman on Phone



GöçTürk, after reviewing the proposal, makes contact and informs about production and exporting also makes conversation about the plan it has to chase.




Necessary tests related to the product and requested additional tests, permits and notifications will be made to the relevant ministry. and information about the process is provided.

Scientist Using Microscope



The sample is prepared based on the desired formulation and qualities. and revise if necessary until the final product is ready to production.

Handshake 1



Make agreement on requested services (like package supply, label design, trademark registration, additional tests, etc.) beside production then the price offer prepares
After  agreement, a contract will be made between GöçTürk and the investor.

Packaging Factory



Mass production starts for the requested quantity/ pieces.

Pile of Boxes



Packaging, Insurance, Proforma etc. preparations will be made for export.

Counting Boxes


Delivery to the country where the customer or you are located.

Laptop Work



Through the email, the investor tells GöçTürk about the product he wish to get produced, the category of it, deadline, budget range and other points which are important to him.

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