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Turkey, due to its strategic location as a bridge between East and West as well as economic policies such as developing private sector while increasing domestic production and reducing exportation of raw material, has become an attractive point of import in recent years. Turkey's exportation by the end of 2019 exceeded 169 billion dollars which Europe, by its 93 billion dollars of import became the largest market for Turkish goods. while Asia with 44 billion dollars and America with 12 billion dollars are following the next.

In the table below you can see the amount of Turkish exports to some of the most important export destinations:

Almanya 15.3 İngiltere 10 Fransa 7.2 İsp

Germany  15.3

UK           10

France       7.2

Spain        7.5

Netherland 5.3

Belgium      3

Romania    4

Poland       3

Greece      2

Israel            4

S. Arabia   3.3

Qatar           4

UAE          3.3

Egypt            3

Blacksea region countries 19

Africa   12

*Figures are in billion dollars.

As well as Turkish goods and domestic  production, Turkey has also assumed the role of transit port for foreign goods. Whereas huge companies like Alibaba and Amazon have leased over 70% of the warehouse of new Istanbul airport.


On other hand, due to low-cost production in Turkey and its easy access to numerous export destinations, great brands like Xiaomi and Samsung have brought the whole production phases of their products – not only montage of them-  to Turkish factories.

With the help of GöçTürk, you too can take your place in this caravan and safely import the product you want.

Role Of GöçTürk in

Importing from Turkey

GöçTürk in cooperation with Turkish manufacturers and suppliers in different fields, beside relieving you from considering about finding a reliable and qualified seller, undertakes all steps on behalf of you until the products arrive at the desired customs. In short, GöçTürk carefully undertakes the entire import process from start to finish, without your physical presence or direct management. In this way, you will be able to save your energy and time as well as prevent mistakes such as confronting with wrong / poor-quality products or unreliable suppliers.


After studing the features of the product you plan to import into your country, GöçTürk chooses the most suitable manufacturer / supplier for you, considering the desired quality, budget, competition in the market and similar domestic or imported products available, and conducts meetings. Samples are sent if it's necessary, after your approval on quality and final decision on specific prodect, all permits and required processes for export them to the desired customs are carried out.


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GöçTürk, after reviewing the form, makes contact and informs about procurement and exporting also makes conversation about the plan it has to chase.


Products will be delivered to the country where the customer or you are located.



Product procurement is provided and preparations such as Packaging, Insurance and Proforma are made for exportation.


& ORDER...

Available products in market will be searched and the price offer will be prepared.
Order registration takes place after the agreement.



Through the form, investor tell GöçTürk about product he wish to import, the category of it, deadline and budget range and other points which are important to him.

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