Trademark &
Firm establishment

Establishing a firm in Turkey needs speciality.

Specially as a foreigner establishing a firm and trademark contain important subjects from both legal and tax point of view.

Foreigners who wish to start a business in Turkey first of all must get a tax number from a Tax office and make a contract with a formal accountant. After their firm has been established they can start their business but they have time until 6 months to apply for work permit. You can read the needed conditions for work permit application from here


The foreigner who wants to start the business as a partner should pay at least 20% of the paid fund of the company while it can't be less than 40.000 TL. Means that if the fund is 100.000 TL he must be partner of 40% and if it's 200.000 TL his partnership must be at least 20% of it.

If the foreign partner wants to gain Manager status or work actively in the firm, he needs to apply for work permit.

The path which foreigners should follow to start a business and establishing a firm is complicated path. 

In this path, trademark procedure, employing an accountant to proceed legal and tax issues for you, preparing documents which should be given to government offices like Business room and municipality, etc. not only for foreigners, even for most Turkish people are complicated matters that needs an expert's help. 


GöçTürk Consultancy helps business people (Turkish or Foreign) who aim to start their business by presenting consulting services like trademark, firm establishing, suggesting an accountant to follow the process from legal and tax point of view.