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As the largest exporter country, China is the second largest economy in the world after America. So much so that by the end of 2019, its exports to Turkey alone were determined as 18.5 billion dollars.

Due to its high production volume, variety of products in every category of production and reasonable prices compared to products of different origin, China has become the number one import source for many countries in many areas in recent times.

However, it is not an easy task to find reliable manufacturers and products of good quality in China to import. GöçTürk, relying on its knowledge and experienced collaborators, saves you from risking your capital and wasting your time. Starting from field research, to price suggestion, order registration, preparing permits and necessary documents, logistics service and delivery to the port of your choice (located in your own country or your costumer's), GöçTürk takes over all the steps of importing goods from China.

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Importing from China

In cooperation with the most experienced import company from China in Turkey, which beside having two offices in Zhuhai and Hangzhou also presenting as the partner offıce on behalf of  Dinaw Hong Kong and Alibaba in Turkey, GöçTürk is able to procure requested products from reliable and qualified manufacturers as fast as possible and undertake whole procedures from order to shipping.

In addition to providing necessary documents like bill of lading, checklist, proforma etc. upon request, documents related to quality standards such as CE, ROHS, SGS, EMS, FCC can also be provided.


On the other hand, if you have an international market, by assist of GöçTürk, you can send products directly from China to the country you want, without dealing with the customs of your country. This method is a great option, especially for goods that are on your country's customs import prohibition list, yet you have got succeed in finding costumers beyond borders.


It is useful to know that many Chinese origin products can be produced by you in Turkey. Without establishing a company / production line in Turkey, you can manufacture your desired product in Turkey under your own brand name and import it to your own country or even export it directly from Turkey to the country where your customer is located. In this way, you can save on costly shipping costs compared to importing from China and at the same time you will be able to have your OWN product under the name of  your OWN brand in a shorter time, without establishing a manufatory neither no need being physically present in Turkey during production period. Click here to view the details.


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GöçTürk, after reviewing the form, makes contact and informs about procurement and exporting also makes conversation about the plan it has to chase.

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Products will be delivered to the country where the customer or you are located.

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Product procurement is provided and preparations such as Packaging, Insurance and Proforma are made for exportation.

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Available products in market will be searched and the price offer will be prepared.
Order registration takes place after the agreement.

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Through the form, investor tell GöçTürk about product he wish to import, the category of it, deadline and budget range and other points which are important to him.

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