Work permit,
Social security

Foreigners who formally want to work in Turkey (as an employee or by starting their own bussiness) need to get work permit. To get work permit there are conditions that concern foreigners andtheir employers too, since employers must apply for their foreign employees.

To apply for work permit there are conditions that the company must obtain. The most important one is that the paid fund must be at least 100,000 TL or the monthly gross income must be at least 800,000 TL. Also to employ a foreign employee the company has to employ at least 5 Turkish employees formally with paid insurance for them.

Work law and social security department of GöçTürk, beside tracking work permit procedure, presents consultancy service for Turkish and non-Turkish firms on working and social security : 

  • Making work contracts according to job

  • Managing work place - regulations

  • Tracking the procedure of work contracts rescission 

  • Procedure of work place registration/ insurance / opening

  • Opening/ closing of new branches

  • Work place assignment or merger

  • Accidents/ injuries/ diseases related to work place

  • Employing employers from abroad

  • Other work law and social security issues 

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